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As the mom of a grade 4 girl, I realised exactly how big of a jump it was from Grade 3 to Grade 4.  I realised I needed to help her somehow, to make the study process easier and more fun for her.

I started doing some research, and came across some summaries and worksheets, to help, but at the cost of R180 a month it was simply unaffordable.  I decided that I would like to provide easy to use, fun, colourful and affordable summaries, worksheets and exam papers for children grade 4 to 7 across South Africa.

Our grade 4 – 7 summaries in English on Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Life Skills generally includes the following:

  • A mind map of the quarter or topic.
  • Table of contents and CAPS learning outcomes per quarter.
  • Colourful summaries that are easy to use and understand, with meaningful images.
  • Activities and worksheets with memorandums for practicing.
  • Separate pages with keywords and key concepts.
  • All summaries, worksheets, activities, mindmaps and exam papers are immediately downloadable and in printable PDF format.

By SummariesSA verskaf ons opsommings, werkkaarte, breinkaarte en vraestelle aan laerskool leerlinge van graad 4 tot 7 in Natuurwetenskappe en Tegnologie, Sosiale Wetenskappe, Lewensvaardighede in Afrikaans en Engels.

We try and compile our summaries so that both the left- and right brain is used when studying.  We make use of colours, relevant images and mind maps to keep it interesting.  We try to summarise most units on one to two pages.  The result is far less work to study, giving the child the courage he or she needs to get studying, instead of just giving up due to the amount of work.  Suitable pictures are used in our grade 4 – 7 summaries so that concepts are more easily remembered.

My wish is that this project will help thousands of children, moms and teachers across South-Africa in grade 4 – 7 to make their studies easier and more fun, and I am looking forward to a lot of positive feedback from the moms and kids making use thereof.

Thank you for visiting and please give me a shout if you have any suggestions!

Melanie Eyssell


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