Exam Papers CAT Grade 12

Exam Papers CAT Grade 12. Computer Applications Technology exam papers for grade 12.  Find these and other exam papers, summaries and worksheets on www.summariessa.co.za.
What is Computer Applications Technology or CAT?

Computer Applications Technology (CAT) is an educational subject that focuses on the use of computer technology and software applications to solve real-world problems and enhance productivity. It is typically taught at the high school level and is part of the curriculum in many countries.
What are the main objectives of Computer Applications Technology or CAT?
The main objectives of Computer Applications Technology are to equip students with practical skills and knowledge in various software applications, to improve their problem-solving abilities, and to enhance their understanding of how technology can be used in different fields.
Some of the key topics covered in CAT courses may include:

Word Processing: Learning how to create, format, and edit documents using word processing software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
Spreadsheets: Understanding how to use spreadsheet applications such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets to perform calculations, create charts, and analyze data.
Databases: Learning how to design, create, and manage databases using software like Microsoft Access or similar tools.
Presentations: Developing skills in creating engaging and visually appealing presentations using software like Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Slides.
Internet and Email: Understanding how to use web browsers effectively, perform online research, and communicate using email applications.
Graphics and Multimedia: Exploring graphic design concepts and learning how to work with image editing software, audio editing tools, and video editing applications.
Programming: Introducing basic programming concepts and coding languages to enable students to create simple programs and solve problems using code.
Ethical and Social Issues: Discussing the ethical use of technology, digital citizenship, and the impact of technology on society.

Computer Applications Technology aims to prepare students for the ever-evolving digital world and equip them with valuable skills that can be applied in various academic and professional settings. It can be a stepping stone to pursuing further studies or careers in fields like computer science, information technology, web development, data analysis, and more.

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