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  1. Nadia Prinsloo

    some of the grade 6 content that needs to be studied is missing. Example the types of selfstandige naamwoorde, klankgrepe, lettergrepe, v- en f- woorde, meervoude en verkleining to name a few

    Graad 6 Afrikaans HT Werkboek (Jaar)Graad 6 Afrikaans HT Werkboek (Jaar)

  2. Louise

    Very informative BUT a lot of material, still working through everything to compare with the textbooks

    Graad 7 Afrikaans HT Werkboek (Jaar)Graad 7 Afrikaans HT Werkboek (Jaar)

  3. Louise

    Very informative BUT a lot of material, maybe a bit or repeats here and there.

    Graad 7 Kwartaal 2 PakketGraad 7 Kwartaal 2 Pakket

  4. Anonymous

  5. Natalie

    Website has a lot of content but is easy to navigate. I think a summary of the different packages and prices that you could see on one page would be helpful.