Why Summaries SA?

There are so many service providers out there with summaries, notes, interactive learning, worksheets and more. What makes us different?

• We don’t “summarise” every word in the textbook. No, we don’t just retype the textbook. We actually take out the important stuff and get rid of the fuzz.

• That being said – we add some extra information that could give your child a few extra marks in the exam.

• We don’t use the question and answer method. This is especially annoying if every single sentence in the book is re-written as a question. A lot of children cannot study using this method.

• We use colour and pictures that makes sense. Our pictures are not there because they are pretty. We carefully select our pictures and graphics to re-iterate the particular concept to your child in a visual manner.

• We structure information in an easy to use and easy to understand manner. We organise the same information together – so key words and key concepts will be provided on a one-pager but repeated throughout the work.

• We provide children and parents with a general overview of the work, which enables better planning.

• We provide you with a mind map. This is such an important tool and we have not yet seen any other provider do this (they may be out there, we just don’t know about them). Mind maps are there to engage both the left and right brain which means the information will “stick” better. We also use different colours for this reason. Once your child has worked through the expanded summaries and the worksheets, they can then study from the mind map, providing them with the core concepts on one page.

• In our language subjects (we currently only have graad 4 Afrikaans Home language, but from next year more will be added), we sort the information and place everything in one document as a guide. No need to look for idioms on 20 different pages – we’ve already done that.

• We provide you with extensive worksheets and memos. Years of studying has made us realise that a lot of these “exercise” questions are asked exactly as is in the exams. So, these are such useful tools to help your child prepare for the exam. They get to see the type of questions that are asked and if they focus on it , the chances are they would do pretty good in the exams.

• We summarise the whole term’s work in one package. Everything you need for a particular term is put together in maximum two documents that you download to your computer and print out when needed. No need to spend hours online, downloading hundreds of exercises and having to go back and check every week if maybe there is new content. We are all busy – who has time for that?

• Children can also highlight and make notes on these pages, which they can’t do in their textbooks. This will also assist them greatly in their learning process (we really encourage them to do this). If you have another child in a year or two who wants to use the same summaries – simply print out a fresh copy.

• Our summaries are also laid out in A5 format. Why? We manage to get the whole topic or unit on 1 – 5 pages. It is much less intimidating than 20 pages in the textbook. Also, their eyes have a shorter distance to move when reading, so it is easier and faster to read and study. Of course you will also save paper! (PS – if you would be interested in buying printed books – please let me know as this is something we might look at in the future).

• Because we work thoroughly through the textbook and exercises, you can be rest assured that if you use our summaries, you don’t have to use the textbook anymore. In fact, we also use the teachers guides for guidance, to ensure we provide you with the correct answers for questions – this is also where we get that little bit of extra information from…

• Lastly, we are affordable and we don’t bind you to monthly or annual membership fees, even if you feel what you get is just not worth it, you have to keep paying. With us you can buy one subject for as little as R50, see if it works for your child and then buy the rest. It’s a once-off cost every term. You choose the subjects you want to buy, if you don’t need a certain subject – you just don’t pay for it.

So, what is new?

Term 1-3 subjects are already available on the website – please visit http://summariessa.co.za/shop/. However, we encourage you not to “shop ahead” now already for next year, as our content is frequently updated, it would be best to buy when you need it.

We have recently loaded the following:

Graad 4 – Kwartaal 4 (Afrikaans)
• SW – Geografie
• SW – Geskiedenis

Bestel hier: https://summariessa.co.za/product-cate…/…/graad-4-afrikaans/

Grade 4 – Term 4 (English)
• SS – History
• SS – Geography
• NST – (Currently busy, should be done later this week)

Order here: https://summariessa.co.za/product-catego…/…/grade-4-english/

Graad 5 – Kwartaal 4 (Afrikaans)
• SW – Geografie
• SW – Geskiedenis
• LV

Bestel hier: https://summariessa.co.za/product-cate…/…/graad-5-afrikaans/

Graad 7 – Kwartaal 3 (Afrikaans)
• NW (kwartaal 4 sal oor so 2 weke gereed wees) – hierdie een is gebasseer op die “Kollig op” reeks.


Baie dankie vir jou volgehoue ondersteuning. Ons waardeer dit baie, ek waardeer al die terugvoer en geselsies wat ek kry. Moet asseblief nie ophou nie. Laat weet my hoe dit gaan, stuur vir my jou kind se punte en laat weet my waar ek kan help. Laat weet my wat julle benodig dat ek kan kyk of ek kan help.

Ek wil bitter graag ook terugvoer hê van ‘n paar van die kinders wat ons opsommings gebruik. ‘n Handgeskrewe briefie wat net kortliks verduidelik wat dit vir hulle beteken en watter deel van die opsommings hulle die meeste gebruik.

BAIE BAIE sterkte vir hierdie kort kwartaal. Dis ‘n rowwe een. Laat julle kinders asseblief elke dag net ‘n stukkie leer, dit sal soveel help wanneer die eksamen begin. En moenie vergeet om te bid nie! Ons kan dit regtig nie alleen doen nie!

Melanie xxx

Indien jy nie regkom op die website nie, kontak my op info@summariessa.co.za of 072 630 0337.